Learning Indonesian for Japanese

October 11, 2022

Why Japan Values Indonesia So Much with Big Investment?

Japan is investing so much in Indonesia because the country has a lot of potential. It is a large market with a growing middle class, and it is located in a strategic location between Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, Indonesia has a young population, and its economy is diversified. These factors make Indonesia an attractive destination for Japanese investment.
September 27, 2022

Japanese Industrial Business in Karawang Indonesia Grows Well, Especially Automotive Sectors

Japanese Industrial Business in Karawang Are Grows Well, Especially Automotive Sectors. So TNBG is here to be the bridge in linguistic gaps. Tensai Nihongo Bunka Gakuin provides courses for both beginner and advanced levels in the Indonesian language. The courses can be taken individually or attended as part of a group.
September 25, 2022

Why Indonesian Language Is Important for Japanese

Tensai Nihongo Bunka Gakuin provides Japanese who work in Karawang Industrial Areas with Indonesian language courses. These courses are designed to help the Japanese maintain their communication skills and work in a more efficient manner with the local staff while they stay in Indonesia.